Explaining Your Options


5 Things You Should Know About Stopping Foreclosure:

1# Reinstate the Loan:
The borrower must bring all back payments current, plus any interest an penalty charges. This will usually satisfy the lender
and enable the loan to continue as if it were never in default. Do you have any other sources of capital? Any other resources other then real estate equity? A free and clear automobile? Relatives?

2# Redeem the Loan:
Redemption is permitted during the 75 day period following the sale of the property. To redeem the loan, you must pay off the entire remaining balance, plus all costs, interest and penalty charges. Do you know of anyone that would help you get a new loan?

3# Appeal an Error:
Oftentimes the lender make errors. In the event that the lender claims an amount is owed that is inaccurate, the foreclosure process may be delayed. Never "assume" the facts are accurate. Check and Verify. Lenders do make mistakes and if done, a delay may be possible giving you more time to find a solution. Visit your lender and ask for a detailed account of the amount they believe is owed.
If you are aware the lender is "in error" and you don't dispute it within a reasonable period of time, you may be prevented from claiming the error.

4#Do Nothing:
If you do nothing; your property will be foreclosed. Your credit will be ruined and you will lose most if not all of your equity. After foreclosure, it is difficult to get a loan on another property.

5# Sell Your Property:
If it is inevitable that you are going to lose your property to foreclosure, it may be in your best interest to sell it while you still have a chance. You may accomplish this by placing it "on the market", where the details of foreclosure may become known, or you may sell it yourself directly to a buyer and save a commission.If you sell it to us, the sale will be quiet, quick and painless and will be done through an escrow. You can then avoid foreclosure and begin your life with a cleaner credit record and save some of your equity.

Disclaimer: This information is given to the best of our knowledge. It is up to the owner to do there own due dilligence.

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Rent to own is another way to say “lease option.” It means you are given the right or option to buy a home after a certain period of time. That is the main difference between you and a renter. A renter has no rights to the house when the lease is up. They can either move or renew the lease.