" Sell! Sell! your home. You can sell your home today. 

You can end foreclosure or end double payments on your home or rental. 

Attention Property Owners:


Mistake #1 Pricing your home too high:
Most For Sale By Owners (FSBO's) make this mistake, which is why they can't sell. When you price your home too high
you get very few calls…even less showings…and even less offers. Remember that anything that is priced for the market
will sell. Fair market value is determined by what people will pay, not what is asked.

Mistake #2 Not having the appropriate forms available:
If a buyer is ready to buy -let them! Saying "Let's talk to our attorney on Monday" is death. Inevitably, the buyer goes
home and gets cold feet.
Have the forms you need to conduct business ready to go from day one! This is a costly mistake by a number of for sale
by owners - fsbos - that just comes down to a lack of preparation. Talk to an attorney or real estate professional about
what you will need.

Mistake #3 Believing Newspaper Ads will bring you the buyer:
Rarely are homes sold in the classified section. The truth is that when Realtors run ads for a particular home, they really
don't expect the ad to sell the home. When a Realtor advertises it does bring calls but the Realtor can then convert the
phone call into an appointment to show the caller any property for sale with any company in any price range or
geographical area. The fact is often the best buyers are searching for homes on the Internet. When people are relocating
to an area, most of them go on line and search for a home. When they arrive in town they frequently have a list of homes
picked out that they would like to see. Make sure your home is available for the relocating buyer to see.

Mistake #4 Discouraging low Offers:
So often when a homeowner is asked what price they are asking, they either don't know or become offended. Be prepared
- and research the fair market value of your home. Once, you are asked, say your price with confidence. If you get
offended at a low offer, you might not be ready to sell. You could say "I won't negotiate verbally, but if you bring me a
written offer, I'll consider it." Never discourage an offer. If someone goes to the trouble to put it in writing, perhaps you
can negotiate a higher price after it's in writing.

Mistake #5 Not having your home in excellent condition:
So many people think that others will overlook dirt because they do. Not so. Your home should show like new. Clean out
the stuff you haven't used in over a year - it will most likely help with you prepare for your move too. Also, do all your
lights have light bulbs in them? They should. What about that garbage disposal? Everything should work and all areas of
your home inside and out should sparkle.

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