RENT is not a bad word. That's right, the dreaded word from a seller when their listing is about to expire is not so bad after all. If your listing is about to expire, we have the solution.

Depending on the situation we can buy fast or we can take over payments and give your seller cash - often the full asking price! Refer these properties to us and we'll pay you a referral fee if we buy the house. That's right, by passing us the properties that you are not interested in, we'll put cash in your pocket. If you have a listed house that is in danger of foreclosure and won't sell, refer these to us as well since we can close quickly and save the owner from having a foreclosure on their credit.

Advantages to Agent:

  • Having more options to offer your motivated seller
  • A solution to slow moving or over priced houses
  • Not having your listing expire
  • Advantages to Seller:

  • We guarantee all payments to the owner whether the property is vacant or not
  • We take all the responsibility for day-to-day management and repair coasts
  • Provides a fast solution to high mortgage payment on a vacant property
  • Lessens chance for vandalism and possible cancellation of insurance
  • Owner can usually use house as a depreciation tax write off
  • In most situations we can offer full asking price
  • Summary:
    We can provide a win/win solution for everyone. We have qualified future buyers currently looking for clean, ready-to-move-in houses. Call us today to see how this can work for you and your clients.

    More ways to network…

  • We can help your buyers who can't qualify for a home loan
  • We pay referral fees for the above situations!
  • We also buy houses at a discount or OWC
  • We are foreclosure experts